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Loan Action : Receipt Creation

POST Receipt Creation

This API facilitates the creation of a receipt for a loan transaction within the SynoFin platform. Users can submit a request for receipt generation, providing various transaction details. After successful creation, the request undergoes validation by a checker, who takes appropriate action (Service Request Actions | SynoFin Docs) to either approve or reject it.

Attribute Priority: Attributes fetched from SynoFin master are prioritized for inclusion in SynoFin masters.

URL: {{base_url}}/loan-modification/v1/service-request/save

Run in Postman: Receipt Creation Request


Request Type: POST
Authorization: Bearer Token

Query Parameter:
Attribute Data Type Description Mandatory
loan_id String The unique identifier for the loan. Yes
request_data Object Contains various details related to the loan receipt request. Yes
addition_in_excess_money String Additional amount added beyond the specified limit. No
auto_allocated String Indicates whether the amount was auto-allocated. Possible values: "Yes" or "No". Yes
bank_account_number String The bank account number for the transaction. No
bank_recon_ref_identifier String The bank reconciliation reference identifier. No
bounce_reason_for_nach String Reason for NACH bounce, if applicable. No
cash_receipt_number String The cash receipt number. No
date_of_receipt Date The value date of the receipt Yes
deliverable_charge_code String The code for any associated deliverable charge. No
fund_transfer_number String The fund transfer number associated with the transaction. No
ifsc String The IFSC code of the bank. No
instrument_bank_address String The address of the bank. No
instrument_bank_name String The name of the bank. No
instrument_date Date The date mentioned on the instrument (cheque or DD). No
instrument_number String The number of the instrument (cheque or DD). No
is_cheque Boolean Indicates whether the payment method is a cheque. No
is_nach Boolean Indicates whether the payment method is NACH. No
loan_application_number String The loan application number. No
payment_bank String Lender's bank account in which the money was received. Fetched from bank master Yes
payment_mode String The mode of payment (e.g., IMPS, NEFT). Fetched from masters Yes
receipt_amount String The amount received from the customer Yes
receipt_purpose String The purpose of the receipt (e.g., installment, Any Due). This is fetched from masters. Yes
receipts_allocation String Details of any allocation of receipts. No
receivables Array An array containing details of receivables. (Can be passed empty) No
received_from String Identifier of the entity from which payment is received. No
remarks String Additional remarks or notes. No
sourcing_branch String The code of the sourcing branch. No
transaction_date Date Business date of the system. Can be skipped. No
transaction_reference String The reference number of the transaction. No
upi String The UPI ID associated with the transaction. No
service_request_id String The ID of the service request. No
service_request_subtype String The subtype of the service request. Yes
service_request_type String The type of service request. Yes
service_type String The type of service. No
    "service_request_type": "receipt",
    "service_request_subtype": "2",
    "service_type": "",
    "loan_id": "000",
    "request_data": {
        "loan_application_number": "",
        "date_of_receipt": "2026-02-03",
        "receipt_amount": "12345",
        "cash_receipt_number": "CASH123456",
        "payment_mode": "cash",
        "transaction_date": "2026-02-03",
        "received_from": "ACME_LLC",
        "receipt_purpose": "installment",
        "instrument_date": "2026-02-03",
        "instrument_number": "INSTR12345",
        "transaction_reference": "REF344",
        "payment_bank": "",
        "sourcing_branch": "Branch6",
        "deliverable_charge_code": "",
        "upi": "",
        "instrument_bank_name": "Mock Bank",
        "bank_account_number": "1234567890",
        "fund_transfer_number": "12345678",
        "ifsc": "MOCKIFSC123",
        "instrument_bank_address": "123 Mock Street, Mock City",
        "is_nach": true,
        "bounce_reason_for_nach": "",
        "addition_in_excess_money": "0",
        "bank_recon_ref_identifier": "12345678",
        "auto_allocated": "Yes",
        "receipts_allocation": "",
        "remarks": "This is a mock receipt",
        "is_cheque": true
    "service_request_id": "REQ12345"


Success: 200 OK
Attribute Data Type Description Mandatory
response Boolean Indicates the success of the request. Yes
data Object Contains additional details about the request. Yes
result Any Result of the request. No
status String Current status of the service request. Yes
service_request_id Integer Unique identifier for the service request. Yes
unique_transaction_number Any Unique transaction number, if applicable. No
error Any Details of any errors, if applicable. No
    "response": true,
    "data": {
        "result": null,
        "status": "initiated",
        "service_request_id": 1349,
        "unique_transaction_number": null
    "error": null

Internal Server Error: 200
Error Response Code and Messages
S. No Code Message Description
Receipt Reference Number should be Unique
Appears When receipt number is similar.
Invalid LoanApplicationNumber
Appears when the loan_id is invalid, null or empty
Invalid Receipt Amount
Appears When receipt amount is empty or null.
Request already initiated for bank identifier <
Appears If the request is already generated with same 
bank_recon_ref_identifier and no action is taken against it.
Receipt date cannot be before disbursal date. Appears if the receipt date is after the date of disbursal.
6. 101754 Receipt date can be on or before business date Appears if the receipt date occurs after the business date.
Type Description
Boolean true Yes
Object Fail Response Object

Data : Fail Response Attribute


Error : Fail Response Attribute
code Please Refer Error Response Code and Messages
    "response": false,
    "data": {
        "unique_transaction_number": null
    "error": {
        "code": 107373,
        "text": "Receipt Reference Number should be Unique"

Unauthorized: 401

Note: If the API is not authorized with the Token or if the authorization token has expired, this error is going to show up.

    "code": 401,
    "message": "auth fail, you can retry!"